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The Epsilon Journey [CD]

a Live release
Tangerine Dream

Release Year: 2008

Date Label Catalog # Comments
Eastgate (e@st-dod 0047DLD01)
There is a DVD relase of this as well. What makes this distinct is that this is the first there has been a release of Edgar Froese performing his solo compositions created from the mid seventies until 2008.
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  1. Dvork (New World No. 9)
  2. Traffic of Silence
  3. Vault of the Heaven
  4. Daluminacion
  5. Lightcone
  6. Timanfaya
  7. Tropic of Capricorn
  8. Dalinetopia
  9. Stuntman
  10. Metropolis
  11. Daliesquador
  12. Drunken Mozart in the Desert
  13. Pinnacles Part One
  14. Scarlet Score For Mescalero
  15. Hamlet
  16. Maroubra Bay
  17. Pinnacles Part Two
  18. Heatwave City
  19. One Night in Space
  20. Serpent Magique
  21. Leviathan

Edgar Froese
Keyboards, Keyboards, Electric Guitar

Thorsten Quaeschning


Bernhard Beibl

Electric Guitar

Linda Spa

Flute, Saxophone, Keyboards

Iris Camaa

Percussion, Drums [V-drums]

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