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Autumn in Hiroshima - The Five Atomic Seasons Part Three

a Studio release
Tangerine Dream

Release Year: 2008

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eastgate 032 CD
Autumn in Hiroshima is the long awaited third part of The Five Atomic Seasons - a musical journey accompanying Mr. H. T. to an old Zen Monastery where he is living for a short period of time and getting introduced to the secrets of life and death. Within this rather unemotional period he learns about the contemplative views which he has to develop within himself in contrast to the disastrous life out there everybody is confronted with in these days. Instead of giving up hope after the blasts he feels an enormous energy and change of consciousness which guides him directly to something very strange...
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  1. Trauma [9:25)
  2. Reset [3:59)
  3. Awareness (1st Teaching) [4:59)
  4. Novice (2nd Teaching) [4:46)
  5. Strange Voices [1:08)
  6. Fathom (3rd Teaching) [4:09)
  7. Oracular World (4th Teaching) [2:48)
  8. Remembering Ayumi [2:42)
  9. Mellow Submersion (5th Teaching) [2:27)
  10. Answers (6th Teaching) [5:38)
  11. Touching Truth [1:21)
  12. Insight (7th Teaching) [5:32)
  13. Omniscience (8th Teaching) [5:57)
  14. Nothing And All (2:11)
Edgar Froese
    Barbara Kindermann
    voice on track 3
    Iris Camaa
    voice on track 8
    Linda Spa
    flute on track 9
    Bernhard Beibl
    guitar on track 12
    Thorston Queeschning
    drums on track 13

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