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The Spiritual World

a Studio release
Peter Gee

Release Year: 2008

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Copyright 2003-2005 by OxygenMedia, Just For Kicks Music.
Steve Christey and Steve Thorne may be better known for their work in Jadis.
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  1. Eternity
  2. Polish Beauty
  3. Gloria In Excelsis
  4. You Gave Me Life
  5. Canaletto
  6. When The Flood Comes
  7. The Lady In My Life
  8. Overwhelmed By Mercy
  9. Return To Life
  10. Angel Falls
  11. One Summer's Day
  12. Sunset Boulevard
  13. Falling Snow
  14. A Matter Of The Heart
  15. Fly To Paradise
  16. Alison
  17. My Angel
Peter Gee
guitars, keyboards and basses
Steve Christey
Steve Thorne,
Simon Clew