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Retrospections Volume 1

a Studio release

Release Year: 2008

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QuadriFonic Records
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 7/14/2008 12:00:00 AM
Entry Last Updated on: 10/19/2019 7:42:00 PM by: DBSilver
  1. Silence dans la salle
  2. Du temps de Louis
  3. Loins
  4. Soleil d'hiver
  5. Cathedrales
  6. Plante en vue
  7. L'ore
  8. No Comprendo
  9. Extreme Stress
  10. En un clin d'oeil
  11. Au revoir, jamais

Jean Pierre Louveton
Guitar, vocals


Olivier Soumaire: Drums
Manu Defa: Bass
Guillaume Fontaine: keyboards
Pat Macia: Guitar

Reviewed by MJBrady on 16 Aug 2008

JPL - Short for Jean-Pierre Louveton, are the solo side projects from the prolific writer for the great French progressive rock band Nemo.  Like his band, JPL continues to write his music in a progressive rock fashion, but without the vocals, which with Nemo are always in his own French language.  So for my ears, and limited French skills, it is nice to hear JP do music alone. His forte with Nemo has always been the ability to provide a dense musical backdrop behind the vocals, so it is a natural inclination that he is able to write such beautiful, artistic and progressive music like what I am hearing on this cd.

JPL is a talented guitarist, but the music here is not to serve as an indulgent take on his guitar abilities, but rather showcase everything that he has shown us over the years as a composer. And while there are a few vocal songs, overall, the music plays a background to more dramatic themes, vignettes if you will, to imaginary dramatic scenes.  All the while a variety of sounds and styles mesh for a very enjoyable listening experience.

One could call this progressive rock fusion for lack of better terminology, it is not jazz based, but prog based, some displays of musicianship are done quite competently and tastefully, and each of the musicians are very good.  What I really enjoy about the cd the most, is how JPL is able to make the tones of his guitar take on new and interesting sounds in each song, I also like how he writes music that has purpose, rather than setting up grooves for the band to jam along with.  It is obvious between Nemo and his solo material, that he is most affected by progressive music, and allows that to dictate his musical expressions.