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On Tour

a Live release

Release Year: 1976

Date Label Catalog # Comments
1976 LP
Alquin On Tour was recorded live during the Alquin-Holland tour '76
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  1. Sunrise Wake Up
  2. La Rendez Vous
  3. The Dance
  4. High Rockin'
  5. Amy I Wish I Could
  6. Wheelchair Groupie

1999 Reissue Bonus Tracks:

  1. Mr. Widow
  2. Revolution's Eve
  3. Stranger
  4. Wheelchair
  5. The Dance
Ferdinand Bakker
Ronald Ottenhoff
Sax and Flute
Dick Franssen
Organ- Keyboards
Michel van Dijk
Lead Vocals
Hein Mars
Paul Westrate
Drums and Percusion
Job Tarenskeen
Drums-Percusion-Sax and Vocals