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a Studio release
Unimother 27

Release Year: 2008

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Added To Proggnosis Database on: 7/17/2008 12:00:00 AM
Entry Last Updated on: 7/17/2008 8:20:00 AM by: DBSilver
  1. Long Deep River (12.06)
    • Mountain inside
    • From the outer room
    • Love burns everything
  2. My Ritual Ashes (10.13)
  3. Fragments of You (8.36)
  4. Looking for the Superior Octave (9.38)
  5. What I have never been (11.08)
Piero Ranalli
bass, guitars, synth, drums, percussions, ocarina, radio, razor, voice from beyond

Reviewed by MichelF on 19 Nov 2008

Unimother 27 aka Piero Ranalli has created a very dense and out of this world Krautrock. Grin is his third album and if the two previous one are as good, this is certainly a project worth following. It created for me another musical time warp where I contemplated Faust, Taro and other classics Kraut. However, this is not a mere copy of old Krautrock or a vain nostalgic effort, this CD is actual and a real ear worm at times.

This music is also not for the faint hearted or the commercially inclined ones. For those of us who like to tread strange and unsettling places, who are ready to leave their comfort zone, this project is a boon. I was impressed by the fact that it is a one man project. The overall production is also at par with the music. This album contains five fairly long pieces which permit good unfolding and complexities in the musical textures and mindscapes.

"Long Deep River" seems to begin like a dark SF film score, but it is a real gem. I simply love it and it is perhaps my favourite on this album. It is constructed in three parts, each contributing to the overall feeling.

"My Ritual Ashes" is a more electronic Krautrock reminiscent of Tangerine Dream or Klaus Schulze for instance. It is made like an incantation i.e. on a repetitious mode.

"Fragments of You" creates a strange ambiance where rain like sounds and worrying synths battle to reach a more blissful and mind-blowing universe. It is a very interesting piece. The quiet guitars are superb.

"Looking for the Superior Octave" is another tune with an unsettling ambiance. However, the percussions sounded, well... not so well. On the whole, it is still rather good with a space rock twist.

"What I Have Never Been" is a great effort, a more experimental tune and certainly a very creative track.

I recommend it for all amateurs of Krautrock. I will seek out what come next for Unimother 27.