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Earth Born (& Bridget Wishart)

a Studio release
Spirits Burning

Release Year: 2008

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Released by Voiceprint Records
Earth Born is the result of a two-year collaboration between Don Falcone (Spirits Burning and Bridget Wishart (ex Hawkwind).
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  1. Earth Born
  2. One Way Trip
  3. Always
  4. Sarah's Surprise
  5. Hit The Moon
  6. Two Friends
  7. Behind The Veil
  8. Crafted From Wood
  9. Child Growing
  10. Candles
  11. Storm Shelter
  12. Evening
  13. Dancers At The End Of...
Bridget Wishart
Don Falcone
    Richard Chadwick
    Alan Davey
    Simon House
    Steve Swindells
    Jerry Richards
    Daevid Allen
    Trey Sabatelli
    Cyndee Lee Rule
    Jasper Pattison
    Sarah Evans
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    Teed Rockwell
    Tom Dambly
    Pierce McDowell
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