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Alien Injection

a Studio release
Spirits Burning

Release Year: 2008

Date Label Catalog # Comments
BLACK WIDOW (BWR 103-2) released as a CD or in a 2 Lp format.
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 5/24/2008 12:00:00 AM
Entry Last Updated on: 10/26/2011 2:06:00 AM by: Rob
  1. Alien Injection (5.27)
  2. New Religion (5.28)
  3. Alpha Harmony (7.14)
  4. Every Gun Plays Its Own Tune (3.12)
  5. Logger's Revenge (Brian Tawn Speaks!) (9.02)
  6. Augustus (6.22)
  7. Future Memories (6.29)
  8. The Entropy Tango (3.22)
  9. Another World ( 4.14)
  10. The Hawk (4.36)
  11. Imported Serpents (3.48)
  12. Ingleborough(2.35)
  13. Upturned Dolphon (4.29)
  14. Salome (5.00)
  15. Montfallcon (4.12)
  16. Heaven, (Its' one quality tree for the road) (3.16)
Daevid Allen
Karen Anderson
Captain Black
Michael Camaro
Dave Cameron
Michael Clare
Graham Clark
Joel Crutcher
Tom Dambly
Kev Ellis
Doug Erickson
Don Falcone
Dave Figoli
Chris Hopgood
Carl Howard
Jerry Jeter
Langdon Jones
Mychael Merrill
Michael Moorcock
Roger S. Neville-Neil
Pat O'Hearn Thomas
Stephen Palmer
Alex Palao
Pete Pavli
Doug Pearson
Erik Pearson
Jay Radford
Adrian Shaw
Craig Stewart Mark Stone
Brian Tawn
Steve Taylor
Scott Telles
Thom The World Poet
Larry Thrasher
Alan Wall
Tim Walters
Paul Williams
Bridget Wishart
Pete Yarbrough
Yur Zappa

Reviewed by Marc on 13 Jun 2008

Spirits Burning is a project that brings together a great number of artists (Daevid Allen (Gong), Michael Moorcock, Pete Pavli (High Tide), Adrian Shaw (Bevis Frond), Larry Thrasher (Psychic TV), and Bridget Wishart (Hawkwind), plus members of Dark Sun, Melting Euphoria, Mushroom, Quarkspace, Secret Saucer, ST 37, University of Errors, Weird Biscuit Teatime, and more...) all interested in the psychedelic side of Prog. As you can tell, many of them are of well known groups.

Partly because of what I've just written, the music on Alien Injection is very varied. On different tracks I hear hints of The Doors, Pattie Smith, Tom Waits, Grace Slick... and also of some of the groups of the artists involved in the project, but the music is never derivative of any band or singer, and also it is not very "radio friendly".

Still Alien Injection is a very interesting music project, this because of the great quality of the people involved. Spirits Burning is a group that should be seeked out by lovers of psychedelic experimental music in the vein of what was produced in the late sixties and seventies.