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Release Year: 1994

Date Label Catalog # Comments
Stephen Marcussen - Mastering
Paul Rivas - Art Direction
Jim Baldree - Mastering
Peter Max - Logo
Michael Jay - Engineer
CD Victory Music 383-480033-2
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 11/10/2001 12:00:00 AM
Entry Last Updated on: 3/21/2016 1:33:00 PM by: DBSilver
  1. The Calling - 6:52
  2. I Am Waiting - 7:22
  3. Real Love - 8:42
  4. State of Play - 4:58
  5. Walls - 4:52
  6. Where Will You Be - 6:03

Endless Dream:

  1. Silent Spring - 1:55
  2. Talk - 11:54
  3. Endless Dream - 1:53
Jon Anderson
Trevor Rabin
Guitar, Keyboards
Chris Squire
Bass, Vocals
Alan White
Tony Kaye

Reviewed by MJBrady on 14 Nov 2001

This is another cd from the Trevor Rabin era of the band, while many fans were finding this new line-up less than the original, others like myself enjoyed the fresh element Trevors' guitar and writing were lending to the reformation. Talk, like so many Yes albums, has some so-so material, and some absolutly stellar songs as well, the epic "Endless Dream" shows the stronger instrumental side of the band that seemed to have all but disappeared since the bands golden years, not an entirely instrumental song, yet the moments between the vocals make this song as a whole one my all-time favorites by the band. This album shows a blend of newer experimental styles by the band, and has songs that tread the line of neo-prog, yet the others are more in line with vintage Yes music. Another slight change is the vocals, both Jon Anderson and Trevor Rabin share lead, and background duties, this and Squires voice blend very well together, giving the band strength in most every range vocally.

Reviewed by Eric on 15 May 2004

Nice to see a Peter Max album cover all these years later! Max pretty much defined the 1960’s- early 70’s with his fluid art works and very appropriate for a band that defined the same era musically. Unfortunately the music on Talk is another matter. The Calling is the best song here and is the most ‘radio ready’ while the three part Endless Dream is the most progressive.
While I like this album far more than Big Generator, it’s still rather insignificant compared to Yes’ early days.

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