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Big Generator

a Studio release

Release Year: 1987

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Engineers: - Paul Massey, Alan Goldberg, Dave Glover, Jon Jacobs, Dave Meegan
Assistant Engineer - Lois Oki, Jim Preziosi, Stuart Breed, Mike Drake, Mike Kloster, Julie Last, Brian Soucy
Kim Bullard - Keyboard Programming
Paul DeVilliers - Producer, Engineer
Trevor Horn - Producer
Stephen Marcussen - Mastering
CD Atco 90522-2
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 11/10/2001 12:00:00 AM
Entry Last Updated on: 12/27/2016 9:30:00 AM by: DBSilver
  1. Rhythm Of Love (4:49)
  2. Big Generator (4:31)
  3. Shoot High Aim Low (7:59)
  4. Almost Like Love (5:58)
  5. Love Will Find A Way (4:48)
  6. Final Eyes (6:20)
  7. I'm Running (7:34)
  8. Holy Lamb (3:15) (Song for Harmonic Convergence)

Jon Anderson

Trevor Rabin
Guitar, Keyboards, Background Vocals, String Arrangements

Chris Squire
Base, Background Vocals

Alan White
Percussion, Drums

Tony Kaye


Lee Thornburg: Horn

Jimmy 'Z' Zavala: Harmonica, Horn

Lee Thornberg: Horn

Greg Smith: Horn

Lee Thornberg: Horn

Nick Lane: Horn

Reviewed by MJBrady on 14 Nov 2001

Big Generator was the follow up the highly successful 90125, and while the general public was enjoying the sound of this 'New" band, the long-time fans of the band were a bit taken back at the direction of one of progressive rocks living legends. Having listened to this cd numerous times, I find it a very enjoyable effort. There is no doubt that the definitive YES sound is present, both in the vocals and certain arrangements. Though the music is more simplified, and groove oriented, it still has a very agreeable result. Playing off the style introduced with the hit song "Owner of a lonely Heart" on 90125, the band offered songs that are very similar with: Rhythm of Love, Big Generator, & Love will find a Way. Other songs reveal the influence of Rabins' work, with catchy songs that feature great production values, and both Jon and Trevor sharing the vocals both as leads and backups. Special mention should be made of Trevor Rabins' guitar work, his style is in great contrast to that of Howe, in that he has a more contemporary sound, that involves rock, and fusion, where Howe was firmly rooted in classical roots, and rock. This is not to say one is better than another, just that they both gave a large and important sound to the band in their active era. It also seems apparent that Trevor was involved more in the bands overall sound as both a musician and production assistant, engineer ,writer, & mixer. Certainly more responsibilities than any other member up to this time.

Reviewed by Eric on 10 Feb 2004

I am probably throwing myself in the line of fire with Yes fans, but this album is one of the poorest in the band’s catalog. A major disappointment for me as 90215 saw a rejuvenation of Yes, although here the group seem to be spinning their collective wheels in attempt to rework the previous albums success. It just doesn’t work and while there is good material here as in Love Will Find A Way and Rhythm of Love, Anderson on Holy Lamb (Song For Harmonic Convergence) sounds as tired as the new age idealism the song was written for. Like the garish cover art, Big Generator is a mess and for a band with such a glorious history, hard to imagine why they bothered?

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