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Cyber Neptune

a Studio release
Claire Vezina

Release Year: 2008

Date Label Catalog # Comments
P & C Editions CVez 2008 (Indie)

Produced by: Claire Vezina and Serge Poulin

All songs mixed by Jeff Grenier

Mastered by Reggie Thompson at studio CDX Mastering, St-Eustache, QC, Canada.

Recorded by Jeff Grenier at Studio Monocube, Mascouche, QC, Canada and also with Serge Poulin at "La Grouve Shoppe", Quebec, QC, Canada

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  1. Cyber Neptune
  2. Meluzine
  3. Naufrage
  4. Il pleut sur la ville
  5. Jeanne
  6. Dans ton monde cyber
  7. 11h52
  8. Soleil
  9. Les soldats
  10. De l'ouest ... une brise souffle
  11. Tant de guerres
  12. Cyber Neptune II

Claire Vezina
Vocals, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Organ, Keys, Piano, Guitar (track 8)


Richard Soucy: Guitar (1), Slide guitar (8)

Marc-Andre Dube: Bass (2-5,8,11)

Serge Poulin: Drums, piano loop, Guitar, Percussion, Bass synth (6,7,10,12), backing vocal (2)

Jeff Grenier: Bass (1), mooger fooger (3) Bass synth (bridge on 11)

Christian Poirier: Electric guitar (5)

David Jacques: Sax (10)

Eric Savard: Electric guitar (11)

Reviewed by MichelF on 16 Jul 2008

Sometimes treasures are near us, but we are blind and deaf to them. Claire Vezina, singer and songwriter, is a wonderful discovery I made recently from my native town of Qubec. Cyber Neptune is the first album I had the pleasure of hearing from her. First, I really enjoyed listening to her warm and charming voice. Her fourth opus with its choice of themes and music is near what I would call progressive rock/folk music; at times smooth ballads at others more heavy sounding like pieces, good complexity in the composition, and always a poetic stance (for those of you who have the chance of comprehending French). I have seen affinities with bands such as White Willow, Amaryllis, Dial, Mermaid Kiss or singers like Luna Jade (in her more quiet moments) or Laurie Larson. On the other hand, those comparisons are only partial because on the album of Claire Vezina the music is used in support of the lyrics, not the other way around. Don't get me wrong, the music is exquisite, like the perfect nestling for the words. Secondly, the production is here first rate. Jeff Grenier has done a very good recording and mixing job. Finally, the musicianship is simply excellent, from the keys of Claire to the guitar of Richard Soucy, Christian Poirier and Eric Savard, the bass of Marc-Andr Dub (on most tracks) and Jeff Grenier (on track one), and the drums, the guitars(on most tracks) and loops of Serge Poulin (he also co-realized the album with Claire).

I will give my free wheeling impressions of this very good CD. Cyber Neptune is a great beginning; the image of the Lord of Water emerging in Cyberspace is in tune with the heaviness of the music. Mluzine the fairy from Avalon continues superbly the aquatic references. D'un rcent naufrage is like the ocean in our dreams that rises like a quiet, but powerful wave. I like to be lulled by it. Il pleut sur la ville, it rains on the city, is a very cool ballad. Jeanne is a more pop rock piece, with hints of brit pop in it. Dans ton monde cyber return to virtual space, a great reflection of our post-modern life. The music is enthralling with superb nuances. 11h52 is an instrumental piece where the voices are used like musical instruments. This tune has mind-blowing qualities. Soleil depart from aquatic references to reach our star. It is an interesting love song. Les soldats in our day and time, if we love our children, why send them to death in some nebulous war? It is a sad and serious song. As with all the tunes here, the music, particularly the piano, is cascading like a pure spring. De l'Ouest... une brise souffle is for me the most progressive and quiet piece of this opus, a real gem of a song. Tant de guerre sings about our planets hatred, but with some hopes sown in. Cyber Neptune II closes the circle, and finishes nicely this CD.

I strongly recommend this CD for all lovers of rock who like warm female voices and poetic lyrics in progressive rock. This is an artist I will closely follow in the future.