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a Studio release
Fates Warning

Release Year: 1991

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A guest aperance from Dream Theater's James Labrie on Life in still water.
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 11/8/2001 12:00:00 AM
Entry Last Updated on: 11/21/2010 2:16:00 AM by: Rob
  1. Leave the Past Behind (6:13)
  2. Life in Still Water (5:44)
  3. Eye to Eye (4:06)
  4. The Eleventh Hour (8:11)
  5. Point of View (5:07)
  6. We Only Say Goodbye (4:55)
  7. Don't Follow Me (4:40)
  8. The Road Goes on Forever (6:31)
Ray Alder
Joe DiBiase
Jim Matheos
Mark Zonder
Percussion, Drums
    James LaBrie
    Backing Vocals

Reviewed by Rob on 08 Nov 2001

Starting as Metal band Fates Warning has made an impression with Parallels to Prog-Metal fans.
No high speed rhytyhm drums- Heavy guitars- and shouting vocalists.
Well build songs with complex and changing rhytyhms- easy guitar nice balad vocals.
Still powerfull to compare them with Dream Theater.

Reviewed by MJBrady on 11 Nov 2001

Fates Warning started out as a Heavy Metal band, after a few cds in this genre, the band started to change personnel, a new singer, guitarist, and drummer, mean't the band was surely going to adopt a new sound as well. With the addition of Mark Zonder on drums, his dynamic and versatile technique allowed them to play more challenging compositions. They toured with Rush quite a bit, and the influence seemed to make an impression enough to push FW to a new level. They can argueably be called one of the forefathers of Progressive Metal, along with Rush & Queensryche amoungst a few others. By 1991, the band seemed finding it's own, the chemistry of the members had gelled, and the release of this album was just the onset of a string of great music to come. The band seemed to exist in relative obscurity and kept insistant with their brand of thinking man's metal, and now have become a legacy in the progmetal market as an important part of the genres geneology.