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a Studio release
Steve Hackett

Release Year: 2008

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Camino (CAMC039)
Tribute is Steve Hackett's recording of classical guitar works and a homage to the composers and performers who have inspired him, in particular Andrés Segovia
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  1. Gavottes BWV 1012
  2. Courante BWV 1009
  3. Jesu Joy BWV 147
  4. The Fountain Suite
  5. The Earle Of Salisbury
  6. La Catedral
  7. El Noy De La Mare
  8. Cascada
  9. Sapphires
  10. Prelude In D, BWV 998
  11. Prelude In C Min, BWV 999
  12. Chaconne BWV 1004
  13. La Maja De Goya
Steve Hackett

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