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The Door to a Parallel World

a Studio release
Eternal Wanderers

Release Year: 2008

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Rleased by Mals Records
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 2/3/2008 12:00:00 AM
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  1. How Log I'd Been Facing The Dark
  2. The Door to a Parallel World
  3. Ride Without End
  4. Too Close to Heavens
  5. No Way Back
  6. visions of hte Lost World
  7. Revival
Elena Kanevskaya
vocals, keyboards
Tatyana Kanevskaya
guitar, back vocals
Dmitry Shtatnov
bass guitar, back vocals
Sergey Alyamkin
Dmitry Drogunov
flute, recorder

Reviewed by Nuno on 11 Mar 2008

Fronted by the Kanevskaya sisters, Eternal Wanderers is a powerful progrock/hard prog band hailing from Moscow, Russia. Their sound is reminiscent to some modern currents of neo-prog and melodic prog-metal, with a slight gothic touch many times provided by the strong and unusual female vocals. Yet, the band is also unique in many ways, one of them laying exactly upon the just metioned vocal factor, which is really an interesting add to the overall musicality of the band.

Apart from the vocal department, the band presents a harmonious and melodic music, seemingly steady and secure on the so called Neo-Prog grounds, with Guilmouresque guitar soloing and sometimes harder guitar riffs, while presenting a very strong symphonic notion and a sometimes art-rock attitude. The mix of all these elements, which are very well “glued” together, provides the listener with a true enjoying ride through power/melodic/emotional meadows.
All tracks here are very well constructed, especially in instrumental terms, as the instruments interact in a positive and bright way, especially in the 3 all-instrumental tracks.

This is clearly a band with a well defined goal and a well structured and brighten musicality that will not only surprise the more melodic and contemporary lovers of progressive rock, but will undoubtedly provide them with a great new discovery and a name to keep in mind for future releases. Mals has made an essencial move when betting on this new face in Russian progressive scene, and we just have to thank them (and even more the band) for that.