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Kinghtmoves to Wedge

a Studio release

Release Year: 1996

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Rerelease from the 1985-Knightmoves and 1986-The wedge.
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  1. Stranger (3:49)
  2. Executioner (5:20)
  3. Throwing Stones At The Wind (5:08)
  4. Win Or Lose (4:27)
  5. Imagination (4:39)
  6. Ratracing (8:07)
  7. Sanctuary (9:34)
  8. Just A Memory (5:25)
  9. Dance Through The Fire (4:43)
  10. Nightmare (4:17)
Ronnie Brown
Korg Synthesizer, Kurzweil Synthesizer, Ensoniq EPS, Roland Synthesizer, Roland D50
Niall Mathewson
Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Tambourine, Producer, Engineer, Amplifiers
Graeme Murray
Bass, Vocals, Producer, Fretless Bass, Bass Pedals, Effects, Amplifiers
Alan Reed
Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals
Colin Fraser
Cymbals, Drums, Roland Synthesizer