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Release Year: 1989

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Four early No Man Is An Island / No-Man songs, produced so that the band would have something to sell at concerts. 'Swagger' is very much a transitional release, with the band at an uncomfortable position between brash synth-pop, abrasive art-rock and the lusher atmospheres which would later become a No-Man trademark. Some promotional versions of 'Swagger' also featured 'The Girl From Missouri'. 'Bleed' appeared in two subsequent versions - one on the 'Sweetheart Raw' EP and one on 'Heaven Taste'. The song 'Flowermouth' has absolutely no connection with the 'Flowermouth' album apart from the title (although parts of the song were recycled for 'Lovecry' on 'Loveblows & Lovecries'). 'Life Is Elsewhere' is a song first performed by Tim Bowness' former band Plenty, and subsequently by Tim Bowness / Samuel Smiles..
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  1. Flowermouth (5.10)
  2. Lfe is elsewhere (3.27)
  3. Bleed (5.23)
  4. Mouth was blue (5.05)
Tim Bowness
vocals, words
Ben Coleman
Steven Wilson
guitar, bass, keyboards