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Hit the North (Session Recordings)

a Single or EP release

Release Year: 1992

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A souvenir of No-Man's late-1992 tour as a six-piece live band including Richard Barbieri, Steve Jansen and Mick Karn (ex-Japan / Rain Tree Crow), recorded for broadcast by BBC Radio Five, Manchester, 7th October 1992. This recording features an otherwise unavailable hidden track - a few seconds of the band playing the riff from Deep Purple's 'Smoke On The Water'. Availability: Deleted - contents now available on 'Radio Sessions: 1992-96'.
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  1. Ocean song (4.43)
  2. Heartcheat pop (3.49)
  3. Break heaven (4.47)
  4. Days in the trees (6.24)
  5. Taking it like a man (6.30)
Tim Bowness
vocals, words
Ben Coleman
Steven Wilson
    Richard Barbieri
    Steve Jansen
    Mick Karn
    fretless bass