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a Studio release

Release Year: 2008

Date Label Catalog # Comments
2008 Burning Shed BSHED0108 CD
18 Jan 2019 KScope KSCOPE621 CD (Remastered - in digipak with a 12-page booklet.)
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  1. About butterflies and children (3:02)
  2. Places Remained (4:29)
  3. The misplay (4:32)
  4. From silence to noise (15:29)
  5. Someone starts to fade away (8:55)
  6. Kites (8:30)
  7. Lightdark (8:45)

Giancarlo Erra
vocals, guitar, keyboards

Paolo Martellacci
keyboards, vocals

Gabriele Savini
acoustic guitar

Alessandro Luci

Gigi Zito
drums, vocals


Tim Bowness: vocals on track 5

Marianne de Chastelaine: cello on tracks 3, 6 & 7

Reviewed by Ronald on 19 Mar 2008

Nosound was started as a one man studio-project in late 2002 by Giancarlo Erra. But has since become a band in studio and live performances.

Influences go from Pink Floyd to Brian Eno, from Porcupine Tree to Sigur Ros, passing through Rock, Electronic/Ambient and PostRock.

Official debut (SOL29) was released in 2005 and in 2006 followed by a live DVD (the world is outside) containing also unreleashed material.

A new live was issued in the first half of 2007 (slow it goes). Anticipating the new album they releashed an exclusive EP (clouds), containing three outtakes from the new album recording sessions.

Three years on from debut album SOL29, Nosound returns with their highly anticipated second album "LIGHTDARK"

Recorded in Italy,England and the US throughout 2006 and 2007, the album develops further the promise of their debut album SOL29. Lightdark sees the NOSOUND identity evolve into something even more focused and powerful. Combining influences from 70's Psychedelica and 80's/90's Ambient and Alternative Progressive Rock.

Highlights include the 15 minute epic "From Silence to Noise, the ethereal "The Misplay"( with cellist Marianne DeChastelaine ), and the epic piana/mellotron driven ballad "Someone starts to fade Away" (wich features NO-MAN's Tim Bowness on Vocals.

My favorite tracks are

1. From Silence to Noise
2. The Misplay
3. Someone Starts to Fade Away

In one word this is a Magical Release.

Beautifull Progressive Mellotronic Extravaganza 100%

© Ron "thedoorwaymaster" Vermulst

Reviewed by Tina on 23 Mar 2008

Lightdark is the second album and has a full band, the previous album Sol29 was put together by Giancarlo Erra alone. It has been introduction to the band and I have been more than surprised by the quality of the music. I find the music "textual" as opposed to ambient and agree with the Sigur Ros comparison, although Nosound doesn't get as heavy as Sigur Ros the textual nature remains similar. The closest comparison point I can make is No-Man. Not only on Someone Starts to Fade Away (on which Tim Bowness sings) but across the whole album.

I love the raunchy guitar in Places Remained. The track starts with a laid back percussion and keys section. This continues when vocals join with some nice echo effects. The mood slowly changes once the guitar solo has started. This is an extended solo, nothing is rushed on the album. The cello also deserves a mention, adding a lot of emotion and a different texture. It blends very well with the rest of the instruments. My favorite track is From Silence to Noise, the track has a minimalist start which builds gracefully to a massive melodic sound. Again with some good guitar breaks, nice vocals (echoed at times which I like) and a massive breadth of sound created by the keys.

I think this is definitely an album to listen to through the headphones with the lights down low. Watch your ears as you crank the volume up!

Reviewed by Marc on 01 Apr 2008

Nosound has come to my attention only recently, having purchased their Sol29 album just a few months ago. (see my other review).

Lightdark represents a move forward for Nosound at least for one reason, it is now a band project, Sol29 having been a solo affaire by Giancarlo Erra. Surprisingly, this does not make for a drastic shift in Nosound's sound (pun intended), this comment being a tribute to Giancarlo Erra's talent as an instrumentalist.

This being said, there is an evolution from Sol 29 to Lightdark. Surprisingly the band has not become heavier. Au contraire, the music is more ambient then it was on the previous cd, even though there are still some great guitar solos and the musicianship is brilliant all over the album. Also gone are the references to be made with early Porcupine Tree and Blackfield. The band has now shifted to a genre closer to what No-Man has given us on their more recent effort... the brilliant Together We're Stranger. Still, those that loved Sol29 will certainly not be jostled while listening to Lightdark.

For me, the highlight of the album is the 15 min. epic track "From silence to noise", that gives me goose bumps when I hear it (a rare occurence even though I listen to hundreds of new CDs every year). The emotion transmitted by this song is palpable and since the performances and production are incredibly good, the effect is significant. In fact all the tracks on Lightdark are excellent, so this is certainly, to date, ty top candidate for album of the year. To be noted is the contribution of Tim Bowness on vocals for "Someone starts to fade away". His voice is pretty close to Giancarlo Erra's, so this does not make for a extensive shift in mood. For myself, I do prefer Giancarlo Erra's singing that is less "breathless" than Bowness', but the song is very good as is. Perhaps someday Giancarlo will give us his take on that song.

In conclusion, Lightdark is a brilliant album. Those into melodic, inspirational and slightly ambient music shoult not wait any longer to get this CD. Go to the band's Myspace page and check Nosound out for yourself. My highest recommendation indeed.

Reviewed by MichelF on 02 Apr 2008

Lightdark, who by the way is absolutely true to his name, by Nosound is by far the best progressive CD I've heard up to the present moment in 2008. Giancarlo Erra is a very talented composer and musician. The band he created for this opus offers us great musicianship. I have loved this album from the first listen. The ambiance is subtle and mesmerizing, full of nostalgia and sadness. It touched me deeply with it slow rhythm. It is very near a mix of Porcupine Tree and Sigur Ros musically, but at the same time it is original and quite different. There are no dull songs on this CD.

“About Butterflies and Children” keys introduce really well the dark & light feel of this CD; like slow tears from a remembered touching event. “Places Remained” is even moodier than the introduction. The singing is superb with the layered voices. The guitar is also fine and melodic. “The Misplay” is a more ambient piece continuing, with the singing, in the path of lightdark emotions. The cello adds a «je-ne-sais-quoi» that gives more dept to this song. “From Silence to noise” is another quiet piece that evolves superbly. It is in a way full of implied meaning; so beautiful to hear even if it is sown in sadness. It is the epic length track of this CD. Certainly, it gives us one of the highlights of this opus. I can listen to it endlessly. Each listens proposes us with new facets. “Someone Starts to Fade” is my favourite on this CD; maybe because I can comprehend what it means to be fading away… Tim Bowness composed it with Giancarlo and they created a precious gem together. I'm at a loss of words to describe what it evokes and conveys emotionally. “Kites” is like looking at a cloudy sky on a grey and sleepy day. “Lightdark”, the title track, closes beautifully this excellent album. From the first note to the last, I adore this CD. The keys are fabulous and the main musical ingredient in this masterpiece.

I recommend it strongly. It will certainly be among my best albums of the year. I’m sure you don’t want to miss it! It is a must for lovers of progressive music.