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Infinite Ocean

a Studio release
Tim Burness

Release Year: 1997

Date Label Catalog # Comments
C.D. extended single Expanding Consciousness (EXPAND 12)
All tracks composed and produced by Burness except Dancing Into The Sun (Burness/O'Dempsey)
Engineered by Jon Bidgood at Body Music, Windsor
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  1. Infinite Ocean
  2. Mumbling In The House Of Commons
  3. Dancing Into The Sun
  4. Free The Chicken In Your Soul
  5. Infinite Ocean (instrumental)
  6. Effing The Ineffable
  7. I Don't Know What's Good For Me
  8. Tranquility

Tim Burness
Vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, e-bow, percussion

Keith Hastings

Paul Morris

Simon Vockings