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Power In Your Hands

a Studio release
Tim Burness

Release Year: 1990

Date Label Catalog # Comments
Vinyl 12 inch L.P. Expanding Consciousness (EXPAND 11)
All tracks Burness except Order And Chaos (Burness/Bidgood) and Total Annihilation (Burness/Adamson)
Produced and engineered by Tim Burness and Jon Bidgood at Body Music
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    Side One
  1. Poppadom Rock
  2. I Am You Are Me (acoustic)
  3. Love Or Confusion
  4. A Jolly Little Fellow
  5. Learning To Fly
  6. Order And Chaos
    Side Two
  1. Mumbling In The House Of Commons
  2. Touch Together
  3. Momentum
  4. Total Annihilation
  5. Power In Your Hands
  6. Be What You Want To Be
Tim Burness
Vocals, guitars and e-bow, keyboards
Keith Hastings
Paul Morris,
Geoff Law