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a Studio release
Tim Burness

Release Year: 1983

Date Label Catalog # Comments
Vinyl 12 inch L.P. Nuclear Records (CLEAR 009)
All tracks composed by Burness except Wood Being Sawn (Burness/Bidgood) and Total Annihilation (Burness/Adamson)
Engineered by Jon Bidgood at The Ship, Burnham
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    Side One
  1. Breathe The Air
  2. Here! Here! Here!
  3. Spuggly
  4. Love Or Confusion
  5. Wood Being Sawn (And Other Interesting Noises)
    Side Two
  1. Rainbows
  2. Total Anninilation
  3. A Jolly Little Fellow
  4. Touch Together
  5. Sky High
Tim Burness
Vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards
Geoff Law
Drums and percussion