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Vision On

a Studio release
Tim Burness

Release Year: 2007

Date Label Catalog # Comments
Expanding Consciousness (EXPAND 14)
All tracks Burness except Undercurrents (Burness/Franklin) Produced by Tim Burness and Julan Tardo, engineered by Julian Tardo at Church Road Studios, Hove
As he did with his previous solo release, Finding New Ways To Love, Tim Burness has brought in drummer Fudge Smith (Pendragon) for his solo release.
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  1. Can You Hack It?
  2. This Is Life
  3. Space And Time
  4. Undercurrents
  5. All Through Your Life
  6. Here Comes The Great Collapse
  7. Broaden Your Horizons
  8. Undercurrents II
  9. Everyone Hears Voices
  10. Triumph Of The Soul

Tim Burness
Vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, e-bow, sampled loops, keyboards, rhythm programming


Keith Hastings: Bass

Fudge Smith: Drums

Monty Oxy Moron: Keyboards

Julian Franks: Tabla and percussion

Chris Cordrey: Hammer dulcimer

Pok: Mandola

Tim Herman: Saxophone

Martin Franklin: Radio samples and programming

Julian Tardo: Bass guitar, programming

Reviewed by Marc on 30 Jan 2008

Almost four years after Finding New Ways To Love Tim Burness brings us Vision On, a nice follow up to it's predecessor.

What I liked about Finding New Ways To Love is still present in Vision On. A nice mixture of Rock, Prog, Pop and Ambient, well written and performed songs and great sound. I still hear hints of Steve Hackett and Peter Gabriel in the music, but Vision On is a less eclectic album and slightly heavier. At times, David Gilmour's On An Island comes to my mind, partly because of the crunchy guitars.

Tim Burness does a lot of singing on the album. His voice is somewhere in between Al Stewart and Neil Finn. The lyrics on Vision On seem to reflect on some of Tim Burness' views on life and the world. They are intelligent and well written. At times there is almost a religious feel to them, even though I did not actually detect any direct references. In my opinion, Tim Burness must be a spiritual man.

Fans of Tim Burness will certainly not be disappointed by Vision On. It is even better than Finding New Ways To Love and a great place to start if you are not familiar with this talented artist.