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Feeding The Wheel

a Studio release
Jordan Rudess

Release Year: 2001

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From the "Magna Carta" web site:
    "The wheel, metaphysically, represents life and motion. The planet is constantly spinning, the world is in rotation and there are a lot of things we do to keep our personal wheels in motion. I believe that each of us is on our own wheel that is always moving, and without even trying, we're on this course of life, spinning. And the really interesting thing is that there's a lot we can do to control that and feed the wheel. I thought it was an interesting concept, that everyone is on a wheel, but that we have some control over it. Some people believe in fate or destiny and I believe there are things we can do to keep on track, to control our own destiny. Some of the ways we might feed the wheel might be meditation, exercise, or for some people, their business, going to work. There are all these different things we do to keep ourselves on track, to keep our lives on a proper course."
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  1. The Voice (intro)
  2. Quantum Soup
  3. Shifting Sands
  4. Dreaming In Titanium
  5. Ucan Icon
  6. Center Of The Sphere
  7. Crack The Meter
  8. Headspace
  9. Revolving Door
  10. Interstices
  11. Feed The Wheel
Terry Bozzio
all drums
Steve Morse
John Petrucci
Billy Sheehan
Mark Wood
Eugine Friesen
Jordan Rudess
all keyboards

Reviewed by MJBrady on 27 Oct 2001

This has been a long awaited cd for me, as I have yet to hear anything sub-par from this prodigious musician. And after seeing the stellar line-up my curiosity was elevated even higher. Minutes after first hearing the first couple songs, it was apparent, that Jordan Rudess is one of todays most gifted composers and performers, making us, in the progressive community fortunate to have such a caliber of talent lending his efforts to the genre. His compositions are as emotional as they are technical, each song is an entirely different musical score to a vignette unseen. Surrounding himself with other genius only adds to the magic of the cd. Terry Bozzios' drumming and percussive works has never sounded better, since his days with UK, Jordan's compositions really brought out the best in his already well-documented talents, the chemistry is simply awe inspiring between them. If you are a long-time TB fan, this could be his most impressive work on the kit to date. Both Steve Morse, and John Petrucci, are guesting on guitars in but a few songs on the cd, but their contributions are very well placed, and show each's signature sound when called upon.

The music is a culmination of many of Jordans' prior projects, you can hear equal parts Rudess/Morganstein, Dregs, and Liquid Tension Experiment, though the music is much more focused than any of these three bands. It's no surprise that Jordan has included more of the heaviness into his music that he has been exposed to with these bands, and considering he writes as a keyboardist this is a rare ingredient, as the guitars and drums get to share center stage with his virtuoso talents on the keyboard.

This is a cd that requires close listens (preferrably headphones or good equiptment), and repeated listens as well, the depth of content in the songs is stunning, and will bring a new surprise with each successive replay. My feelings are that Jordan Rudess' exceptional skills not only as a master musician, but studio savvy, and techological know how, could succeed in many musical environments: Movie Scores, classical piano, studio musician, studio technician, etc. Yet he remains true to the world of progressive music, and with his prolific sense of compositional genius, we can only hope to hear more of the mastery that you will discover on "Feeding the Wheel".