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a Studio release

Release Year: 2001

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Kiko Loureiro & Rafael Bittencourt and 3 new members bring forth Rebirth. The main theme deals with the fictitious tale of a world just destroyed by natural catastrophes and wars in which survivors then start building a new society through new laws and personal principles. The optimism generated by this rebirth - and not the destruction that preceded it - is the main focus of the new album, the fourth in the group's career.
All lyrics written by Rafael Bittencourt, except 'Nova Era' by Rafael Bittencourt and Felipe Andreoli.
2001 CD Steamhammer/SPV 7278
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  1. In Excelsis
  2. Nova Era
  3. Millennium Sun
  4. Acid Rain
  5. Heroes of Sand
  6. Unholy Wars
    • Part I - Imperial Crown
    • Part II - The Forgiven Return
  7. Rebirth
  8. Judgement Day
  9. Running Alone
  10. Visions Prelude
    (Adapted from Chopin, Opus 24 in C minor)
Edu Falaschi
Kiko Loureiro
Rafael Bittencourt
Felipe Andreoli
Aquiles Priester

Reviewed by MJBrady on 12 Jan 2002

The verdict was out on this reformation of this Brazilian power progressive metal band, after getting some well deserved press from albums like Holy Land, & Fireworks, the band surprisingly broke up. This cd features only two original members, both guitarists, and brings in three new members(see artists credits). And the challenge for them was to recapture the magic they had established on the previous recordings. Well low and behold Angra is back, and they may have an even better sound than before, particularly in the vocal department, I tend to prefer new singer Falashi's deeper and more powerful vocals over Matos' high screeching operatic tones, I know this will be a point of arguement with many a longtime fans of the band, but this is just a personal preference. As for the music, this is very much in the same vein as prior Angra works. The dual guitars of Bittencourt and Louriero drive the band in a power progressive way, touching on neo-classical at times, the band thrives on melody and grandiose arrangements which has been their trademak sound. The sound of this producution is outstanding, every instrument is clear, solid drums and bass, crunchy guitars, and full vocal arrangements, along with some effects and studio trickery give depth of field to this bands music.