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IC 11: 06-10 - Let's Polka

a FanClub release
Neal Morse (Inner Circle)

Release Year: 2006

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Let's Polka is a collection of Neal Morse, and Richard Morse doing polka along with some Christmas music and Sola Scriptura demos. This is the tenth release in the Neal Morse Inner Circle series.
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  1. Polka with the Morse Brothers! (featuring Shmenge and Richard Morse)

    Neal's original Christmas Choral Music:

  2. Our Savior Has Come
  3. Children of the Light
  4. Peaceful in the Night
  5. He Was Born To Be A King
  6. Can You Hear The Bells?
  7. Song of the Messiah
  8. In Him

    Christmas Brass Band Recordings

  9. Preamble
  10. Lord of the Kings
  11. Jingle Bells
  12. Christmas Time Is Here
  13. Big Bad Drummer Boy

    Neal's Demos:

  14. Excerpts from the “Sola Scriptura” Demos
Neal Morse
Vocals, guitar, keyboards, piano, bass
    Will Morse
    Richard Morse

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