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Rock'n Roll Prophet

a Studio release
Rick Wakeman

Release Year: 1982

Date Label Catalog # Comments
Release by Moon (LP LUNA LP1)
This album was recorded in the late 1970's and was intended to be released under the band name of KUDOS. Musically it was intended to kind of spoof the sound of the Buggles. The album did not see a release until 1982 and by then the point of the name and spoof was moot
This album was remastered onto CD in 1991 and released with 5 additional tracks as Rock'n Roll Prophet Plus
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CD version 1993

  1. Return of the prophet
  2. I'm so straight I'm a weirdo (origineel album)  
  3. The dragon (origineel album)  
  4. Dark (origineel album)  
  5. Alpha sleep    
  6. Maybe '80 (origineel album)  
  7. March of the child soldiers    
  8. Early warning (origineel album)  
  9. spy of '55 (origineel album)  
  10. Stalemate    
  11. Do you believe in fairies? (origineel album)  
  12. Rock 'n' roll prophet (origineel album)

1982 version

  1. I'm so straight I'm a weirdo (3:54)
  2. The dragon (3:34)
  3. Dark (5:07)
  4. Maybe '80 (5:27)
  5. Early warning (3:34)
  6. Spy of '55 (5:07)
  7. Do you believe in fairies? (4:29)
  8. Rock'n'roll prophet (4:40)


Rick Wakeman
Keyboards, Piano

Gaston Balmer

Lilianne Lauber
Backing Vocals

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