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Almost Live In Europe

a Studio release
Rick Wakeman

Release Year: 1995

Date Label Catalog # Comments
Griffin (GCD-282-2)
Wise Buy Records
Reissued in 2007 by MVDaudio
This was recorded in Italy and though it included his English Rock Ensemble it did not include a guitar player. Wakeman went back in the studio - reworked much of the material and added a guitar part (using bass player David Paton) all of which lead to the choosing of the title "Almost Live" for this release.
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  1. Elizabethan Rock
  2. Make Me A Woman
  3. Catherine of Aragon
  4. Crying Heart (pt 1)
  5. Jane Seymour
  6. Crying Heart (pt 2)
  7. Catherine Howard
  8. Music Reincarnate - The Realisation
  9. The Prisoner
  10. King Arthur
  11. Guinevere
  12. Lancelot and the Black Knight
  13. The Last Battle
Rick Wakeman
Ashley Holt
Vocals, Percussion
David Paton
Bass, Guitar
Tony Fernandez
Drums, Percussion

Reviewed by Marc on 25 Oct 2007

Even though the title is Almost Live In Europe this has all the fealing of a live album. The original recordings of the show was sub-par, but since it was a great show, Wakeman really wanted to put it out. He went back in studio to work on it and even added some guitars... the result being one of his best "live" recording ever.

Almost Live In Europe is a must-have for Yes/Wakeman fans. The recording is great, the song choice is interesting and you get an even etter show than what the band actually played. Ah! the benefits of technology!

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