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Ambigious Points Of View

a Studio release

Release Year: 2006

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2L productions
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CD-1 - Everything has two sides:

  1. Part I: Echoes
  2. Part II: The difference between
  3. Part III: Situations always change
  4. Part IV: Change of meaning
  5. Part V: Embellished words
  6. Apodosis :
  7. Part VI: Ambiguous definitions
  8. Part VII: It never starts like it ends
  9. Part VIII: Song within a song
  10. Part IX: Ray of hope (part I)
  11. Part X: Ray of hope (part II)
  12. Part XI: The Wisenheimer's part (p.1)
  13. Part XII: Almost everywhere
  14. Part XIII: Everything has two sides
  15. Part XIV: The Wisenheimer's part (p.2)
  16. Bonus track: Time is running out

CD-2: Far away from reality:

  1. Equation of three moments - part I
  2. Equation of three moments - part II
  3. Equation of three moments - part III
  4. Far away from reality - part I
  5. Riding the magnetic levitation train
  6. Far away from reality - part II
  7. Smilin' faces
  8. See the light
  9. What I see
  10. Far away from reality - part III
  11. Learning to fly
  12. Haven of peace
  13. Green valley
  14. Far away from reality - part IV
  15. Bonus track: Babylon atmosphere
  16. Bonus track: Yesterday's dance
Nobert Kueler
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