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Flotsam & Jetsam

a Compilation/Boxed-Set release
Robert Wyatt

Release Year: 1994

Date Label Catalog # Comments

Rough Trade R3112,

This is a collection of unrleased tracks recorded between 1968 and 1990

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  1. Slow Walkin' Talk (Wyatt with Jimi Hendrix)
  2. Moon In June (Excerpt)
  3. Standfast (Symbiosis)
  4. No 'Alf Measures (Matching Mole)
  5. God Song/Fol De Rol (Wyatt with Francis Monkman)
  6. Soprano Derivato/Apricot Jam (Lol Coxhill and friends)
  7. A Little Something (Slapp Happy & friends)
  8. Now Is The Time (Gary Windo)
  9. Now't Doin (Unity/Hamwell Band & Wyatt)
  10. Born Again Cretin
  11. Billie's Bounce
  12. Locomotive
  13. War Without Blood
  14. Obert Tancat
  15. Tu Traicion (Claustrophobia)
  16. Obert Tancat 2
  17. Turn Things Upside Down (The Happy End)
  18. The Wind Of Change (Wyatt with the Swapo Singers)

Robert Wyatt
drums, vocals, Keyboards


Kevin Ayers: Guitars

Steve Florence: Guitars

Roy Babbington: Bass

Peter Blegvad: Guitars, Vocals

Jeff Clyne: Bass

Lindsay Cooper: Bassoon

Lol Coxhill: Sax

Nick Evans: Trombone

Mongezi Feza: Trumpet, Flute

Fred Frith: Guitars

Jimi Hendrix: Bass

Hugh Hopper: Bass

Dagmar Krause: Vocals

Archie Leggett: Bass

Geoff Leigh: Flute

Bill MacCormick: Bass

Dave MacRae: Piano

Nick Mason: Drums

Phil Miller: Guitars

Francis Monkman: Keyboards

Gary Windo: Sax, Flute