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Songs From The Bilston House

a Studio release
Guy Manning

Release Year: 2007

Date Label Catalog # Comments
Festival Music (F2)
All songs written and assembled by Guy Manning and produced by Andy Tillison and Guy Manning (Burnside May-Aug 2007) with original album artwork by Rosie Manning (Lilac Productions)
Andy Tillison appears courtesy of The Tangent; Steve Dundon appears courtesy of Molly Bloom.
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 10/4/2007 12:00:00 AM
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  1. Songs From The Bilston House
  2. The Calm Absurd
  3. Lost In Play
  4. Understudy
  5. Skimming Stones
  6. Antares
  7. Icarus & Me
  8. Pillars Of Salt
  9. Inner Moment
Guy Manning
Vocals, Keyboards, Acoustic 6 & 12, Classical guitars, Electric Guitar, Bouzouki, Mandolins, Bass, Percussion
    Laura Fowles
    Saxes & Vocals
    David Million
    Electric Guitars
    Ian Fairbairn ( 'Walter')
    Julie King
    Andy Tillison
    Drums, Keyboards & Vocals
    Steve Dundon

Reviewed by Marc on 06 Jun 2009

At the same time I got Guy Manning's latest album Number 10 (2009), I also received his previous from two years back : Songs From The Bilston House.

I enjoyed Number 10 (see my other review) but I consider Songs From The Bilston House to be even better. Great Prog/Pop compositions with a hint of Canterbury and Jazz. Of all his solo albums I think that this is perhaps his best or near to it. Even Guy's singing sounds better to me. On some tracks at least, he manages to find a voice that fits pretty well with the music, even though at his best he can only be an average singer.

Hopefully someday, like Steve Hackett, Chris Squire or Andy Latimer (to name a few), Guy Manning will realise that he is a brilliant composer and performer... but not a lead singer. If he does, I would even suggest he put out a "best of" album with invited guest vocalist. I would run to my local CD to buy that one.

Still, Songs From The Bilston House is an album that should be interesting to any Prog lover. If you are not familiar with him, I would recommend that you visit Guy Manning's Myspace page and check him out.