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The Rock

a Studio release

Release Year: 2007

Date Label Catalog # Comments
Metal Mind Productions: Regular (MMP CD 0557) and Digipack (MMP CD 0558 DG) Special Edition with bonus tracks.
USA Release via MVD beginning in Jan 2008.
New drummer Gabor Nemethis has worked with Scorpió and P. Mobil
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  1. Ska³a (4:54)
  2. P³on¹ce Myœli (7:42)
  3. In Heaven And Hell (7:02)
  4. Silence (6:46)
  5. Sunny Day (7:03)
  6. My Paradise (5:17)
  7. Pielgrzym (8:16)
  8. Akri (7:27)
  9. Zug A Zene Mindenhol (7:06)

    Bonus tracks (Limited Edition)

  10. Œpiewanie O Imionach (5:13)
  11. Gazela (4:33)
Józef Skrzek
Keys, harmonica, vocals
Apostolis Antymos
Gabor Nemeth

Reviewed by Marc on 20 Feb 2008

Last year I had my first contact with SBB and I liked what I heard, making references with the great Prog-hard-rock bands of the seventies like Deep Purple and Uriah Heep. I was expecting a bit of the same on The Rock, but I was only partially right.

Sure there is some of what I would qualify as "vintage" rock on The Rock and this is something that SBB do quite well, but it occupies no more then one third of the album. We also find on this album what I would qualify as power ballads, sung in english. These are the tracks that don't quite do it for me, even though they are pretty nice and sung with emotion. For me the problem is with the lyrics that are written in a very simple manner. Still, they make for an enjoyable listening experience. The other musical style present on The Rock, is Prog Rock with some fusion leanings. I was quite surprised to find out how modern SBB can sound, at times almost approching a band like The Flower Kings and how much they can write and play some great Prog instrumental sections, with excellent guitar and keyboard soloing. This was a side of the band I had not known of and I hope I will get to hear it some more.

All in all SBB has offered us and insteresting eclectic album that features many sides of their musical personalities. My wish is that they will feature even more their Prog rendencies in their next offering but don't be mistaken, The Rock is a very nice album as it is.

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