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Signs Of Life - A Tribute to Pink Floyd

a Studio release
Tributes: Pink Floyd

Release Year: 2000

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Arranged & Produced by Tomas Hurtig, Olov Andersson & Hansi Cross.
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CD 1

  1. High Hopes (6:08)
  2. Another Day Of Sorrow (7:10)
  3. Run Like Hell (5:30)
  4. Wish You Were Here (4:23)
  5. Hey You (4:43)
  6. Cymbaline (11:28)
  7. Welcome To The Machine (6:29)
  8. On The Turning Away (5:03)
  9. Pigs (Feat. Dogs' N' Sheep) (10:00)
  10. Let There Be More Light (7:18)
  11. Schizo (A Tribute To Pink Floyd) (6:58)

CD 2

  1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (13:57)
  2. Time (4:59)
  3. Comfortably Numb (6:46)
  4. When You're In (5:46)
  5. The Dogs Of War (6:23)
  6. Another Brick In The Wall (7:12)
  7. Careful With That Axe, Eugene (6:34)
  8. Interstellar Overdrive (5:48)
  9. Set The Crontrol For The Heart Of The Sun (10:42)
  10. One Of These Days (7:46)

Sylvan (1-1)

Cromwell (1-2)

Angel (1-3)

Ziff (1-4)

Mystery (1-5)

R.P.W.L. (1-6)

Das Zeichen (1-7)

Vanishing Point (1-8)

Solar Project (1-9)

Flying Circus (1-10)

Pendragon (1-11)

Grand Cross (2-1)

Pangaea (2-2)

Eternity X (2-3)

Tiamat (2-4)

Megace (2-5)

The Crack Of Doom (2-6)

Electric Family, The (2-7)

Liquid Vision (2-8)

Mindala (2-9)

Fantasyy Factoryy (2-10)

Reviewed by Rob on 06 Nov 2001

The best Pink Floyd tribute i have heard.
A 2 cd impressive - 150 minutes - of the best music around.
21 songs !!1
The quallity of this CD is not the quantity of songs but the impressive list of bands contributing to this project. I don't think any other project, than a PF-project, will get so much enthousiastic bands willing to play music. so everyone who as some money left - BUY THIS !!!!

Reviewed by Nuno on 05 Jan 2002

Though I have already listened to a few tribute albums, normally the result is somehow weak because of the lesser quality of the bands involved or the misinterpretation of the original songs. At this point I have to mention that this is, probably the best tribute album I have ever come across. And that is because, not only the overall quality of the listed bands, but also for the notorious effort they have committed to this good cause.
There is no doubt, though, that some songs are mediocre. But that fact is completely obliterated when considering there are others that almost top the original…that meaning, there are stellar songs in this release.
Other thing that I find very curious is the fact that almost all bands are associated with the progressive metal scene.
Sylvan opens the album with a very consistent version of High Hopes.
Cromwell shows a medley that has not the best start but when starting playing Another Brick in The Wall, part I the song betters a lot, and the sax solo that ends it is very well crafted.
Angel Dust’s Run Like Hell is another one of the versions in the album that most resembles to the original. If it wasn’t for the vocals we could almost say this was PF playing.
Ziff show us a very personal view of Wish You were Here, mainly based on a very actual keyboard sound, almost techno typed. The introduction of female vocals is successful.
Mystery are also very faithful to the original Hey You. For it is such a great song, the result is obviously good.
RPWL are already known for their sound resemblance’s to the Masters, so the medley they play here is a must. The fact is this is an original played with Pink Floyd music excerpts, so may be considered the most original song (It is also the longest) in the double set CD.
Welcome to the machine by Das Zeichen is, IMHO, one of the best versions in this album. Totally unexpected and while loyal to the original structure it also adds some exquisite personal touch of high calibre.
Vanishing Point decided to go for a more accelerated version of On the turning away. This is not one of my favourites here. In fact, its one of the weakest in the album…
Pigs (Feat. Dogs’n’sheep) was very well accomplished by eastern most known clones of PF sound, Solar Project.
Flying Circus presents us an odd and psychedelic Let there be more light. Indeed a very good version.
Pendragon closes the first CD with another original song that insights the content of PF musicality. Nevertheless, a lot worst than RPWL.
Perhaps the greatest task of the album: making a version on Shine on your crazy diamond (for me one of the best prog songs of all time), fall upon Grand Cross shoulders. The fact is that they manage to do it in great style, though they maintain themselves faithful to the original. Almost a copy!
Pangea did not go so well with their version of Time. Somehow the spirit of the original is lost along the way. And this is a real shame.
Eternity X is a well known band in the prog metal world. And they show their quality with their Confortably Numb interpretation, Another high point in the album, for me.
I like Tiamat but I have to state that When you’re in is, for me, the worst version in this album.
The Dogs of War by Megace is yet another fine accomplishment. A very personalised view on this song (which is one of my favourite in the post-Waters PF).
The Crack of Doom is, undoubtedly, the most original track here. A version that sounds like Frankie Goes to Hollywood playing Nu-Metal…’nough said.
Nothing much to say about The Electric Family and their version on Careful with that axe Eugene!. Not one of my songs anyway