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Rides Out

a Studio release
The Morrigan

Release Year: 1990

Date Label Catalog # Comments
CD Hi-Note Music/English Garden ENG 1020
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  1. The Morrigan Rides Out
  2. Night Comes Closer
  3. The Rakes of Kildare / Bedtime Stories
  4. The Black Nag
  5. Girls Will You Take Him / Four Times Over
  6. The Well Below the Valley
  7. Busketts Folly
  8. Corpus Christi
  9. Tom O'Bedlam / Allemande
Cathy Alexander
vocals, keyboards, windsynth, recorders, harpsichord
Colin Masson
vocals, guitars
Cliff Eastabrook
bass guitar, pedals, vocals, tambourine, slightly distorted bass guitar, bass keyboards
drums, bells, drumstick rotation, roasting tin, vocals, Bodhran Squadron, African drum, triangle, electric percussion, firehood
Melanie Byfield
vocals, keyboards, tambourine
    John Hayward
    Cath Watkins
    Gary Miles