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Three Times Seven on a Pilgrimage

a Studio release
In the Woods

Release Year: 2000

Date Label Catalog # Comments
(Recorded at Jailhouse, may 1.996]
[Produced by Hans and ITW...]
[VIII by Jefferson Airplane]

Tracks: I - II -II - IV - VII - X : recorded at the Jailhouse, April 1999]
Produced by Hans and ITW...
Track IIII by King Krimson Track X by Syd Barret

Tracks V - Vi : recorded at Jailhouse, January 1998
Produced by Hans and ITW
Track V by Pink Floyd

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Entry Last Updated on: 1/23/2011 1:58:00 AM by: Rob
  1. Seed of sound
  2. Karmakosmik
  3. Epitaph
  4. Empty room
  5. Let there be more light
  6. Child of universal tongue
  7. Soundtrax for Cycoz - 1st ed.
  8. White rabbit
  9. Mourning the death of Aase
  10. If it's in you
Synne Soprana
Jan Transit
A Kobro
    Tracks: I - VII, X
    Christer Cedermountain
    Tracks: I - IV, VII, X
    Oddvar A:M
    Tracks: V, VI, VIII, IX
    B. Berserk
    Tracks: VIII, IX

Reviewed by Nuno on 12 Oct 2001

Basically, this is not a new album from In The Woods….
In fact, the core of Three times Seven on a Pilgrimage is a collection of tracks that were released in 3 different limited edition seven inch singles which, for obvious reasons, are almost impossible to find (and which explains the odd name of the album).
Each single featured one original and one cover song.
After the band flee from Misanthropy Records and signed Prophecy Productions, it was settled that those 3 singles would be released together with some other unreleased tracks in a compilation album.
This album later become their last since the band broke up soon after they sign for the new record label.
Even if the recordings of the songs are spaced out in time, still the album demonstrates that they stood cohesive and faithful to their principles and musicality while in function.
Covers from Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Syd Barret and Jefferson Airplane can be found in the album, and though they soothe in In The Woods… own sounding, still they maintain the quality and power of the original recordings.
The other tracks, originals by the band, are pure warm ambient songs inbreeded in a capsule of wrath played melodies, ingredients that always have been the trademarks of In The Woods….
For fans of the band, and for those that enjoy their albums (especially Strange in Stereo), this is a very nice add to the collection, for it works as a excellent goodbye for this band, a swan song of high quality.