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Strange in Stereo

a Studio release
In the Woods

Release Year: 1999

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In the Woods... is responsible for all music & arrangements, Trond Are produced accompanied by the band and "Strange in Stereo' was taped at studio Jailhouse this time as well. Sessions took place in August, while the mix was set in a couple of weeks of October-'98. Old buddy - Bjørn Hårstad helped out with the datproblems and Morten Lund mastered at Masterhuset. Far out In the Woods..., you'll find x-botteri, jan transit, chris and.... a. kobro, c:m botteri pluss synne soprana. We took care of all audial outlets, while Endre Hoppalong Kirkesola contributed with programming on 'Closing in' and 'Basement Corridors' while taping a fretless-guitar piece in the same go. Other contributors were Trond Breen on steel-guitar (Dead Man's Creek), Kjell Åge Stoveland brought his precious viola and improvised for 'Cell' and 'Basement...'. Inherit-Jan shoved up with dad's irreplacable sitar-guitar (Path of the Righteous) and Lömmis payed a visit accompinied by his space keys (Vanish...) Oddvar a:m provided excellent guitar-work on 'Basement...' (including the piano-opener) and parts of 'By the Banks...'. He also participated in most of the writing process.
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  1. Closing in
  2. Cell
  3. Vanish in the abscence of virtue
  4. Basement corridors
  5. Ion
  6. Generally more worried than married
  7. Path of the righteous
  8. Dead man's creek
  9. Titan transcendence
  10. Shelter
  11. By the banks of pandemonium
X. Botteri
Jan Transit
C:M. Botteri
A. Kobro
Diana Synne

Reviewed by Nuno on 10 Oct 2001

In the Woods is one of those bands that do not fit in any of the known categories of Metal music.
If I was going to label them, I would use such words as Dark, slightly Gothic and definitely Progressive, but I would also use Misterious, Innovative and Experimental.
Srange in Stereo is not an album to be listened to with empty ears and empty head. It is not even an album to be listened to only once. In fact, it may take a few spins in the CD player till one begins to absorb the inner self of the compositions.
Strange in Stereo is totally the right name for this release, for it is full of very strange musicality, odd arrangements, and the final result is a bizarre trip through an absolutely original sounding.
Despite this is a no more band, they left us a legacy of 4 great albums, full of many hours of music that enthrals the listener in its meadows and in the landscapes it creates.
Doomy lyrics, low down male and strong female vocals and the use of cello to haunt the most emotive passages are amongst the many tricks the band uses to capture a really dark core that form the body of the record but its head and shoulders rise really high…
Albeit the fact I have listen this album a few times, it still feels uncomfortable to review it, due to the fact the words that could be used to describe it are somehow missing. And you really need an explorer heart and an adventurous mind to mentally unveil the places where the music is taking you.