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Sound Theories Vol I & II

a Compilation/Boxed-Set release
Steve Vai

Release Year: 2007

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Sound Theories is a two disc collection comprised mostly of previously released music that Steve Vai rearranged and recorded with the Metropole Orchestra in Holland.
2,500 random copies of the CD will contain a satin pass that will admit the purchaser into any one (1) meet & greet on Steve Vai's 'Sound Theories tour. (Meet and Greet pass is not valid without a concert ticket. Purchaser must purchase their own ticket to the show).
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Sound Theories Vol 1: “The Aching Hunger”

  1. Kill the Guy with the Ball (4:30)
  2. The God Eaters (2:09)
  3. The Murder Prologue (1:09)
  4. The Murder (7:56)
  5. Gentle Ways (5:48)
  6. Answers (5:44)
  7. I'm Becoming (2:20)
  8. Salamanders in the Sun (5:05)
  9. Liberty (2:06)
  10. The Attitude Song (4:35)
  11. For the Love of God (9:35)

Sound Theories Vol 2: “Shadows and Sparks”

  1. Shadows and... (8:41)
  2. Sparks (9:27)
  3. Frangelica Pt 1 (3:04)
  4. Frangelica Pt. 2 (10:30)
  5. Helios and Vesta (8:19)
  6. Bledsoe Bluvd. (10:08)

Steve Vai


Chris Opperman: Piano, Moog
Peter Tiehuis: Keyboards
Carlo VanDerPut: Keyboards
Erica Korthals Altes: Violin
Elisabeth Cats: Violin
Arlia de Ruiter: Violin
Linda Dumessie: Violin
Dennis Koenders: Violin
Wim Kok: Violin
Erik Kromhout: Violin
Vera Laporeva: Violin
Simone Vierstra: Violin
Herman Van Haaren: Violin
Seya Teeuwen: Violin
Marianne Van Den Heuvel: Violin
David Peijnenborgh: Violin
Marijn Rombout: Violin
Mieke Honingh: Violia
Norman Jansen: Violia
Julia Jowett: Violia
Iris Schut: Violia
Aimee Versloot: Violia
Jascha Albracht: Cello
Wim Grin: Cello
Annie Tangberg: Cello
Jos Teeken: Cello
Bryan Beller: Bass
Tjerk DeVos: Bass
Arend Liefkes: Bass
Hans Vroomans: Percussion, Piano
Martin Baai: Percussion
Arno Van Nieuwenhuize: Percussion
Murk Jiskoot: Percussion
Mike Schäperclaus: Percussion
Jan Bastiani: Trombone
Jan Oosthof: Trumpet
Ruud Breuls: Trumpet
Henk Heijink: Trumpet
Jan Hollander: Trumpet
Hans Van Der Zanden: French Horn
Joeri DeVente: French Horn
Jaap DeVries: Bassoon
Juan Martinez Schrijver: Clarinet
Paul Van Der Feen: Clarinet, Saxophone
Leo Janssen: Clarinet, Saxophone
Marc Scholten: Clarinet, Saxophone
Werner Janssen: Clarinet, Saxophone
Friederike Darius: Clarinet, Flute
Willem Luijt: Clarinet, Oboe
Joke Schonewille: Harp
Joost Smeets: Tuba