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74 Giorni

a Studio release

Release Year: 2007

Date Label Catalog # Comments
2007 Ma.Ra.Cash Records MRC 013
Released by Ma.Ra.Cash Records (MRC-013)
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 6/7/2007 12:00:00 AM
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  1. Maschere di Uomini
  2. Il Viaggio
  3. Orca
  4. Limbo
  5. Non Maturi per l'Adilà
  6. Cormorani
  7. L'ora del Parlare
  8. Preghiera
  9. Miraggi
  10. Nebbia ad Occhi Chiusi
  11. Eleutherios
  12. Master Stefanos
  13. Cambio di Rotta
Simona Rigano
keyboards and vocals
Tino Nastasi
guitar and rickembacker bass
Sabrina Rigano
sax and flute
Daniele Bambino
bass guitar
Natale Russo
drums and percussions

Reviewed by Controneo on 01 Aug 2007

Two years later, Conqueror released their third album, which is clearly different from the previous ones. It still follows the same tradition, the classic school of Italian symphonic progressive rock, trying to innovate it. This young Sicilian group is really struggling for innovation, indeed and with 74 Giorni (i.e. 74 Days) they chose to do so by being more accessible. They mixed progressive rock with world/pop music. It’s an attempt which pans out only partially. The problem is that, usually, more the music is accessible more it would require good vocals to stand out. But the female vocals featured in this album are far from being awesome (they range from bad to sufficient). In other words, some songs are too focused on vocals which wouldn’t deserve so much attention. The best parts of the albums are instrumental, mostly thanks to the skills of the drummer (Natale Russo). Also the background story of this albums differs a lot from the previous works. While they were about legends and fairy tales, 74 Ore is inspired by a real story, occurred to Ambrogio Fogar e Mauro Mancini in 1978. These two adventurers were adrift in the ocean for 74 days.