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The Other Side of Rick Wakeman

a Video release
Rick Wakeman

Release Year: 2007

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Classic Studio T
A one-man show - filmed live in front of an audience, Rick Wakeman discusses various times and people in his career including his work with Cat Stevens, Dave Bowie, the Strawbs and Yes as well as performing some songs.
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  1. See A Monkey On A Stick/A Glimpse Of Heaven
  2. The Henry Suite
  3. Life On Mars?
  4. Morning Has Broken
  5. And You And I
  6. Gone But Not Forgotten
  7. Wonderous Stories/The Meeting
  8. Spur Of The Moment/After The Ball
  9. Birdman Of Alcatraz
  10. Guinevere/Merlin The Magician
  11. Help/Eleanor Rigby
  12. Children of Chernobyl (Bonus Audio Track)
  1. Introduciton
  2. Rick's Wives
  3. The Sessions
  4. The Lost Tapes
  5. Fast Rehearsals For Yes
  6. The X Factor
  7. The Birds
  8. Adam's Pub
  9. The Kami "Kazi"
  10. Credits
Rick Wakeman

Reviewed by Marc on 15 Aug 2007

A very interesting DVD indeed. Rick Wakeman sitting on a stage in front of a small crowd, playing some of his most famous pieces, but also Simon & Garfunkel, Beatles and more. In between songs he stands up and discusses his career, music and life in general, all done with humour, to the enjoyment of the crowd in attendance.

Wakeman plays in typical "Wakemanish" fashion... very flashy. But hey!, the guy has millions of fans all around just because he has always played that way and he sure can still do it.

Watching this DVD is almost like having Rick Wakeman in your house for an "in home" concert. If you like Rick Wakeman you will want to have this one for sure.

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