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In Search of Truth

a Studio release

Release Year: 2001

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"In Search Of Truth" is the band's first full blown concept album, as band mastermind Englund explains; "Throughout the previous albums we've had themes or mini-themes that involve alien abduction and this time around we wanted to make a whole album about that. The character is searching for the truth about what is happening to him. It's about a guy, say in his mid-'30s, that finds out strange things are happening to him. He's feeling very insecure, scared at night, scared of light, scared of darkness as well, and he starts to explore why. He meets with a psychologist who takes him into hypnosis and finds out that he has been taken away. He doesn't know he's been taken away from Earth but he does find out he's been abducted in some way, since he was five years old. All the stories revolve around him trying to find out what has happened to him and what damage it has done to his health, both psychological and physical."
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  1. The Masterplan
  2. Rulers of the Mind
  3. Watching the Skies
  4. State of Paralysis
  5. The Encounter
  6. Mark of the Triangle
  7. Dark Waters
  8. Different Worlds
  9. Misled

Patrick Carlsson

Tom S. Englund
Guitars & vocals

Henrik Danhage

Sven Karlsson

Michael Håkansson

Reviewed by MJBrady on 14 Feb 2002

This cd starts with a sound clip from the movie The Matrix, and sets the tone for this conceptual power-progressive band from Sweden. Evergrey is a band that has captured a dedicated following in the power prog realm, with a strong vocalist in Tom S. Englund, they have a distinctive voice from which to build on, he has a very bold and deep voice, that commands your attention, very emotional and tonally accurate. Musically, they are a semi-complex, mostly metal inspired band, with a great drummer who lets himself get heard all throughout the cd. The have a dual guitar attack, and use keyboards extensively, giving the band a very dense fullness of sound, as you would guess, as is always the case with Swedish bands, they are all well schooled musicians. The band tends to maintain a dark and melancholic vibe, not so much doomy, but enough so to enhance Englunds great voice. Evergrey has what many other progmetal bands long for, and that is a strong vocalist, proving that a great frontman can be the driving force for many a band to build off of.