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Another DAT at the Office The Making of This Strange Engine

a Compilation/Boxed-Set release

Release Year: 2001

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Racket Records
This is Volume 3 in the From Dusk 'til Dot series of Racket Club Demos, featuring the making of This Strange Engine. Large portions of this album were written during the Afraid of Sunlight sessions, but were not followed through for the final album. One exception is 'Accidental Man' Which was actually demoed for Afraid of Sunlight but never recorded. Rather than provide the demo from the This Strange Engine sessions, this release contains the rare (and often requested!) demo.
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    Disc 1 (Album Demos)
  1. Man of a Thousand Faces
  2. One Fine Day
  3. Memory of Water
  4. Accidental Man (Afraid of Sunlight Demo)
  5. This Strange Engine
    Disc 2 (Writing Sessions)
  1. The Monkee Song
  2. McCartney Faces
  3. Tribal Faces
  4. 1000 Faces Piano Intro
  5. Man of 1000 Crows
  6. Voice of Command
  7. Beyond 80 Days
  8. Acoustic Beyond 80 Days
  9. 79 Days
  10. Estonia Groove
  11. Estonia Rock
  12. Estonia Engine
  13. Accidental Groove
  14. Accidental Acoustic Man
  15. Accidental Duke of York
  16. Accidental Guitar Riff
  17. Accidental Chorus
  18. Chord Workshop Man
  19. New Accident
  20. Chill for the Future
  21. Hope for The Pretenders
  22. Hope for Ry Cooder
  23. Hope for Jeff Buckley
  24. Hope for a Chorus
  25. Strange Stones Engine
  26. Acoustic Lamb Engine
  27. This Strange Jam
  28. This Strange Intro
  29. Wax on Wood
  30. Ever Since an Idea
  31. The Lounge Navy
  32. Cloud of Bees Jam
  33. Acoustic Mummy Daddy
  34. Electric Mummy Daddy
  35. Blue Pain Guitar Solo
  36. Red Coat Ending
  37. Run Like Hell Ending
  38. Groove Ending
  39. This Strange Ending
Steve Hogarth
Mark Kelly
Ian Mosley
Steve Rothery
Pete Trewavas

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