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The World is Outside

a Video release

Release Year: 2006

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The World is Outside DVD contains the Sol29 sessions, live recordings and unreleased material on DVD-R, dvd-video (plus pc/mac data track), PAL , all regions. It was released in a limited run of 500 copies.
Self-produced and available only from the band's website and at live performances, it contains all the material Nosound have about the Sol29 period. It represents the start of Nosound, and complements the Sol29 official album with outtakes, extra unreleased material and some live performances.
Starting with three live tracks recorded audio/video during their first live performance as a band (official bootleg multicamera quality) it moves onto to a collection of three pieces of ambient music accompanied by some 'space' images. Then there are the Sol29 outtakes, as audio tracks from the Sol29 sessions, previously unreleased or available only as mp3. The final section contains some extra bonus material, like shots of live backstage and dvd working in studio.

Audio files of this DVD are available from Burning Shed at a bargain price.

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    Live tracks:
  • Idle End (9:55)
  • Sol29 (6:49)
  • The Moment She Knew (10:01)
    Unreleased videos:
  • Contempling Neptune (3:01)
  • Contempling Mars (2:37)
  • Contempling Moon (3:23)
    Sol29 outtakes:
  • The Red Song (4:00)
  • Idae14 (3:24)
  • The World Is Outside (5:17)
    Bonus tracks:
  • Live backstage (4:48)
  • Dvd making of (3:14)
  • Credits (2:20)
Giancarlo Erra
vocals, guitars, keyboards
    Paolo Martellacci
    keyboards, vocals
    Gabriele Savini
    acoustic guitars
    Alessandro Luci
    Mario D'Amico

Reviewed by Marc on 21 Mar 2008

I downloaded the MP3 files version of this DVD from Burning Shed at a pretty cheap price. The World is Outside has three distincts sections. It begins with three live tracks, taken from Sol29, excellent versions adding extra punch to the studio versions, then we get three very good ambient pieces (that have a hint of Vangelis in them) and finally three outtakes from Sol29.

Put together these nine tracks make a pretty eclectic set of music, but all the pieces are excellent, which is more than I can say about a great number of albums.

The World is Outside is perhaps not the best place to start with Nosound but if you already are a fan of the band, it's a nice complement to their studio albums. An interesting set of tracks for fans of No Man, Porcupine Tree or Blackfield.