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In Camera

a Studio release
Peter Hammill

Release Year: 1974

Date Label Catalog # Comments
1974 Charisma LP
1988 Virgin CASCD 1089 CD
1992 Caroline Blue Plate CAROL 1629-2 CD
1990 CD Blue Plate CAROL-1629-2
1974 LP Charisma 1089
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  1. Ferret and Featherbird
  2. (No More) The Sub-Mariner
  3. Tapeworm
  4. Again
  5. Faint-Heart and the Sermon
  6. The Comet, the Course, the Tail
  7. Gog Magog (In Bromine Chambers)
Peter Hammill
Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Guy Evans
David Hentschel
Chris Judge Smith
Percussion, Vocals
Paul Whithead
David Jackson

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