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Something's Coming / Beyond & Before: The BBC Recordings 1969-1970

a Live Compilation/Boxed-Set release

Release Year: 1997

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A special 2-CD release from BBC recordings of 1969-1970.
Recorded live at the BBC, England in 1969 & 1970. Includes liner notes by Peter Banks. Digitally remastered by Colin James & Peter Banks. This two-disc set consists of BBC sessions from 1969 and 1970.

Most of the songs here appear on the the first two Yes albums those these recordings are live; in-studio recordings and have the flavor.

There are some previously unreleased recordings here as well - include a version of the showtune "Something's Coming" (from West Side Story and also covered by Todd Rungren's Utopia on their Another LIve album) and an original song, For Everyone.

Disc 1

  • Tracks 1-1 to 1-5: Top Gear 12-1-1969
  • Track 1-6: Dave Symonds Show, 4-8-1969
  • Track 1-7 & 1-8: Dave Lee Travis Show, 19-1-1970
  • Track 1-9: from German radio.

Disc 2

  • Tracks 2-1 to 2-5: Sunday Show, 17-3-1970
  • Track 2-6: Johnny Walker, 14-6-1969
  • Tracks 2-7 & 2-8: Top Gear, 23-2-1969
  • Track 2-9: from French radio
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Disc 1

  1. Something's Coming
  2. Everydays
  3. Sweetness
  4. Dear Father
  5. Every Little Thing
  6. Looking Around
  7. Sweet Dreams
  8. Then
  9. No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed

Disc 2

  1. Astral Traveller
  2. Then
  3. Every Little Thing
  4. Everydays
  5. For Everyone

Bonus Tracks:

  1. Sweetness (Intro)
  2. Something's Coming
  3. Sweet Dreams
  4. Beyond And Before
Jon Anderson
Peter Banks
Chris Squire
bass, vocals
Tony Kaye
Bill Bruford

Reviewed by Rob on 26 Sep 2001

Recordings of the Early Years of YES.
First radio recordings and live performence at the BBC studio's.
Not the best recording as expected in those years but nice to hear them struggle-ing to make it.
Specially you can hear that they tried to be a close-harmony singing band.
Not allways with succes.
But I don't care.

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