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a Studio release
The Strawbs

Release Year: 1969

Date Label Catalog # Comments
1969 LP
Vinyl album: AMS 936 (A&M, 1969) - deleted
CD: SRMC 0088 (Si-Wan, 2000)
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  1. The Man Who Called Himself Jesus
  2. That Which Once Was Mine
  3. All the Little Ladies
  4. Pices of 79 and 15
  5. Tell Me What You See in Me
  6. Oh How She Changed
  7. Or Am I Dreaming?
  8. Where is this Dream of Your Youth?
  9. Poor Jimmy Wilson
  10. Where Am I?; I'll Show You Where to Sleep
  11. he Battle

Dave Cousins
Guitar, Vocals

Ron Chesterman
Bass, Vocals

Tony Hooper
Guitar, Vocals

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