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A Taste Of Strawbs

a Compilation/Boxed-Set release
The Strawbs

Release Year: 2006

Date Label Catalog # Comments
4CD BOXSET. Inc bonus 5th CD with first 1000 pressing.This is the 25th Anniversary of the band.

    Disc1 BBC TRACKS 1966-71.
    Disc2 - singles and album tracks 1972-74
    Disc3 1975-1988 live recodings, collaborations,solo tracks.
    Disc4-1990-2006 25th anniversary concert tapes inc the Chiswick house gig and other concerts from around the globe.
    Disc 5 rare and unreleased recording.
    Features 48 page colour book
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  1. Grey Hawk
  2. Higher Germanie
  3. You Don't Think About Me
  4. Not All The Flowers Grow
  5. You Keep Going Your Way
  6. Sail Away To The Sea
  7. Nothing Else Will Do
  8. Oh How She Changed
  9. Or Am I Dreaming
  10. All The Little Ladies
  11. Ah Me, Ah My
  12. Man Who Called Himself Jesus
  13. Battle
  14. It's Just Love
  15. Another Day
  16. Forever
  17. Where Am I/I'll Show You Where To Sleep
  18. Canondale
  19. Rmw
  20. Sheep
  21. Tomorrow
  22. New World
  23. Here It Comes
  24. See How They Run (Home Demo)
  25. Going Home
  26. Actor (Alternative Mix)
  27. Part Of The Union (Original Demo)
  28. Winter & The Summer (Home Demo)
  29. Whichever Way The Wind Blows
  30. Betrayed/Shine On/Words Of Wisdom
  31. Out In The Cold/Round & Round (Studio Demo)
  32. Writing On The Wall (Studio Demo)
  33. Four Queens
  34. Ghosts - Church Bells
  35. Lemon Pie (Home Demo)
  36. Cherie Je T'aime
  37. So Shall Our Love Die (Home Demo)
  38. Still Small Voice (Home Demo)
  39. How I Need You Now
  40. Merchant Adventurer (Demo)
  41. Blue Angel (Out-Take)
  42. Goodbye (Out-Take)
  43. Deadly Nightshade (Home Demo)
  44. Midnight (Out-Take)
  45. Sweet Voices (Out-Take)
  46. Bring Out Your Dead (Hmoe Demo)
  47. Another Day Without You (Home Demo)
  48. Touch The Earth (Studio Session)
  49. Armada (Studio Session)
  50. Glimpse Of Heaven (Sidmouth Folk Festival)
  51. Hangman & The Papist
  52. I'll Carry On Beside You (Cambridge Folk Festival)
  53. Heavy Disguise (Rehearsal)
  54. That's When The Crying Starts (Live)
  55. Evergreen (Home Demo)
  56. Song Of A Sad Little Girl (Dranouter Folk Festival)
  57. Ringing Down The Years (Live)
  58. Further Down The Road (Home Demo)
  59. Heartbreak Hill
  60. Extravaganza On A Theme Of Strawbs
  61. File Of Facts
  62. Hero & Heroine
  63. Ten Commandments
  64. King (Out-Take)
  65. Alice's Song
  66. Mclean Street (Live)
  67. We'll Meet Again Sometime
  68. On A Night Like This (Out-Take)
  69. Dragonfly
  70. River/Down By The Sea
  71. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
Dave Cousins
vocals, accoustic and electric guitars, banjo, dulcimer, recorder
Tony Hooper
vocals, accoustic guitars, autoharp, tamboreen
Richard Hudson
drums, sitar, vocals
John Ford
bass, vocals

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