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Stati di Immaginazione

a Studio release
PFM Premiata Forneria Marconi

Release Year: 2006

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Sony BMG (88697003152)
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 12/5/2006 12:00:00 AM
Entry Last Updated on: 9/17/2011 12:47:00 AM by: Rob
  1. La terra dell’acqua (8:17)
  2. Il mondo in testa (3:58)
  3. La conquista (6:29)
  4. Il sogno di Leonardo (6:44)
  5. Cyber Alpha (4:28)
  6. Agua Azul (3:53)
  7. Nederland 1903 (3:23)
  8. Visioni di Archimede (9:00)
Franz Di Cioccio
drum, percussion
Franco Mussida
electric, classic, acoustic guitars
Patrick Djivas
bass, fretless bass, plastic flute
Special guest:
    Lucio Fabbri
    violin, keyboard
    Gianluca Tagliavini
    keyboards, Hammond organ, Moog

Reviewed by Tina on 29 Apr 2007

This is a CD/DVD package which delivers a number of short films with accompanying soundtracks. The music is early PFM style with guitars (electric, acoustic and classical), violin, keys and a plastic flute. The music was recorded “without sequencers or overdub sessions” and is instrumental throughout.

The short films are taken from various sources. Some new and some old, some very old with graphics added where appropriate, specifically in the first track. In La Terra dell'acqua graphics are used to show (I guess) the effects and impact of global warming upon sea levels. Each audio track has its own short film and the subjects covered are diverse; from historic film behind Il mondo to the modern day film for Cyber Alpha and an interesting lesson in bridge building on Il Mondo in Testa.

If your now thinking “boring soundtrack music”, in my opinion you couldn't be more wrong! The music is truly early PFM style with the harmonies, intricacy, numerous musical styles and few bites here and there.

My favourite track is Il Sogno di Leonardo with the visual side of the track taken from the film of the same name. This tells a story of a long-standing dream. The music is focused around a small, simple melody which is intricately woven through various instruments. There are many instruments involved including the flute, classical guitar and bass. Quiet, simple yet put together in a way that few could copy. I would contrast this track with Cyber Alpha which has a film based in the modern day. The music that accompanies it has a great guitar solo.

I think PFM have successfully bridged their early style with the present day. There are many other Italian bands around doing something similar but these guys are the experts and (in my opinion) it does show on this release. Don't expect Hollywood blockbuster style filming and editing though, I suspect PFM's budget is a little smaller! However, the films are professionally done and where they lack in blockbuster technology they gain in character. I'd easily recommend this release, I love it.

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