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The Cure

a Studio release
Guy Manning

Release Year: 2000

Date Label Catalog # Comments
Cyclops (CYCL088)
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  1. Domicile


  2. Real Life
  3. A Strange Place (Including Voices Of Earth Part 1)
  4. Whispers On The Wire (Including Voices Of Earth Part 11)
  5. Songs Of Faith
  6. Falling


  7. The Cure
    1. Dawn
    2. The Wonder Of Life
    3. Beating Heart
    4. Hello, Dr Strange...
    5. A Dream
    6. Descent
    7. Epilogue
Guy Manning
Vocals, Guitars, Mandolin, Keyboards, Bass, Drums & Percussion
Jonathen Barratt
Simon Baskind
Drums & Percussion
Andy Tillison
Additional Keyboards & Drums
Laura Fowles
Iain Fairbairn,
Ian Tothill
Neil Harris
Additional Keyboards
Pav Chana
Percussion Consultancy
Dan Lyons & Julie Lyons,
Guy Manning
Voices Of Earth Parts I & II