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Catskills Cry

a Studio release
Aaron Comess

Release Year: 2006

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This is Aaron Comess debut instrumental album contianing material written over three years and influenced by a variety of landscapes from Anguilla, to Manhattan to the Catskill Mountains. He is joined by Bill Dillon (Robbie Robertson, Joni Mitchell, and Daniel Lanois) and Tony Levin (King Crimson, John Lennon and Peter Gabriel).
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Aaron Comess
Bill Dillon
Tony Levin
bass, stick

Reviewed by Marc on 06 Dec 2006

In the late seventies, when Prog was starting to fade away, I turned to other kinds of music to feed my musical appetite. Jazz Fusion was one genre I started to explore, bands like Brand X, Oregon and many others getting some of my attention. I must admit that I never became a Fusion enthousiast, but a few albums have left a lasting impression on me, on of them being David Torn's Cloud about Mercury. In my humble opinion, much of Fusion is more focused on performance than on writing music. This was not the case with Cloud about Mercury, and the great qualities I found on that album I also detect on Catskills Cry.

On this very good CD, Aaron Comess offers some very melodic Fusion, incredibly well written, so much that I found myself wanting to listen to the record immediately after it had ended. The musicians are of the highest skill level you can wish for, and the production is of top level.

Fans of David Torn, Allan Holdsworth, Bill Bruford and others of that caliber should really check this album out. My Highest recommendation indeed.