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The Ereyn Chronicles-Part 1

a Studio release

Release Year: 2006

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Magna Carta (PR-0609)
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 8/24/2006 12:00:00 AM
Entry Last Updated on: 12/31/2015 4:20:00 AM by: DBSilver
  1. Welcome To Ereyn
  2. Question Of Honor
  3. Lords Of A World
  4. Through The Sleeping Seaweed
  5. Forgotten
  6. Lion-Snake
  7. Where The Secrets Lie
  8. The Walk Among The Ruins
  9. In The Maze Of A Nightmare
  10. The Desert Of Jewels
  • CD enhanced with bonus video: “The Chronicle Of The Chronicles”

Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards

Damien Rainaud


Marie-Eve Orengo: as the Witch on track 6

Thomas Letscher "Seek": bass on track 4

Reviewed by Marc on 28 Sep 2006

The Ereyn Chronicles-Part 1 is a very nice album of melodic symphonic prog metal, a genre that I must admit being only a casual fan of.

At first glance, the music that Anthropia offers somewhat reminds me of the more operatic metal bands, Rhapsody being an acceptable reference. This mood does appear from time to time on the album but it is not constant. Often, mostly in the instrumental parts, the music can also get to be quite technical and it is mostly guitar driven. Dream Theater is the band that comes first in my mind. Finally, there are also a number of twists and turns that are harder to describe. For example one of the tracks suddenly slows down into a mellow acoustic piece, this done somewhat in a manner that Opeth has come to be known for.

The compositions on The Ereyn Chronicles-Part 1 are all excellent, they are well performed and produced, there is enough variety to keep any Prog fan interested and the lead singer has the chops to fit with the music. Lovers of the heavier side of Prog should do themselves a favor and check this album out. Highly recommended indeed.