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a Studio release

Release Year: 2006

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Unicorn Records (UNCR 5030)
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 7/19/2006 12:00:00 AM
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  1. A Winter Tale - Part 1 - 4:27
    • Out of the Deep
    • Go To The LIght
  2. A Winter Tale - Part 2 - 5:34
    • On the Air
    • Summer Song
  3. Silent Anger - 4:49
  4. Old Legends - 4:22
  5. All the Time I think about you - 3:04
  6. Amused Fair - 8:13
  7. Stone Talk - 2:03
  8. Marvelous Dance - 3:31
  9. Muse - 2:38
  10. Close to Heaven - Bonus track - 2:43
Antony Kalugin
Keyboards, sampling, percussion, vocal
Oleg Polyanskiy
Piano, electro organ, keyboards
Sergei Kovalev “Tuz”
Bass, Accordians
Kostya Shepelenko

Reviewed by MJBrady on 12 Aug 2006

Interesting mostly instrumental music from the Ukraine, Karfagen has that crossover appeal that transcends the keyboard majesty from New Age music, with the melodic and rhythmic appeal of classic progressive rock. I can't help but think of what Peter Bardens was doing post Camel on some of this music. Although not a band that copies anyone by any means, the reference serves merely as a place of interest for readers. Keyboards are the dominant voice for the music, densely arranged with an emphasis on melodic themes based over dense arrangements. The music is fairly subdued, with pretty straight time rhythm formations, which caters well to the amount of density placed on the other instruments.

The use of the occasional odd instrument places a certain beauty into the themes, flutes, harmonica, accordian, and will get your attention due to their contrasts to the more synthetic sounds of the keyboards. The band has two keyboardists, and lists no guitars, though I did hear an acoustical guitar passage in one of the songs, and an electric guitar solo on another. So that should give some indication as to how the band acheives their keyboard dominant sound.

Karfagen's plays music for the mind, not anything that puzzles the listener, as it is more about moods, melodies and relaxation. Nearly new age, yet with too many moments of up tempo music to be considered a new age cd. As stated earlier, it's a trippy rock based keyboard buffet. With a huge array of sounds to filter out. The keyboard sounds are rich and futuristic, which really enhances the listening experience.